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Great Charlie Hunter Clinic
  • Such a good video of Charlie Hunter. He is a master:

    As a side note, he reminds me of what the Bay Area used to be like when I was growing up and how my parents knew it. Past few years it seems to really have changed.
  • I saw him at a winery a couple of months back. Such an awesome show. Scott Amendola on drums, plus a trumpet and sax.
  • Thanks for the link!

    I've always referred to Charlie as "The Gateway Drug to Jazz," because that's exactly what he was for me. The dude grooves HARD and has chops a teenage power-chord strummer like me could appreciate in the 90s. Plus, he looked like a guy that should have been pounding nails at a construction site, not melting minds with chord substitutions (he's a die hard Ted Greene and George Van Eps guy, by the way).

    Flash forward almost two decades and I've been fortunate enough to see him play live at least a dozen times, and take a Skype lesson a few years back. Throughout the Skype lesson, my new dog kept coming up and nudging my leg, wanting to be petted. Several months later, Charlie was in town with Scott Amedola playing a duo gig at McCabe's in Los Angeles, and when I reintroduced myself after the show, his response was "oh yeah, THE DOG GUY!"
  • Great to see this thread. Charlie is a super good guy AND a guitar genius.
  • Charlie also has/had a podcast called Compared to What on iTunes, where he and bass player Adam Dorn (Mocean Worker) sit down and chat with some of their musical heroes. Highly recommended.

    Charlie repeatedly describes being a professional musician as (I'm paraphrasing here) "pushing a VW bus up hill while people throw stones at you." He's got a sly sense of humor...
  • I've been digging Charlie for years. Looking forward to seeing him play for the first time next week. Life is good!
  • Charlie was at the Jazz Kitchen here in Indianapolis tonight. Absolutely amazing! "Where's the bass player?" ;-)

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