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  • G'day from Australia Jim,

    Love your work. First time caller.....

    Like yourself, I'm a longtime user of the little Fender teardrop picks. Over the past few years I have found that they are wearing out very quickly - some are only lasting a set before the edges become rough and unusable. I reckon they've changed the material slightly (cost savings?). I use the 'firm' ones and it feels like they aren't as 'firm' as they used to be (happens to us all!) They are not very popular down here and are hard to source - I do bulk buy them over the net.
    What is your experience (and any other users as well) experience with them?

  • Hi Kev- Fender Teardrop changed over the years. My personal favorite were the Fender white teardrops made in the 80's. Since then, and I'm not basing this on science - just feel and personal experience, the Fender teardrops seem flimsy and they wear quickly. After being a Fender teardrop man for 40 plus years, I switched to a V-Pick. It's bigger, it's a bit more expensive then you're used to and it's a departure from the Fender "teardrop".

    In my opinion - D'Andrea makes a good teardrop pick like Fender did in the old days...
    D'Andrea Home

    The Clayton teardrop gets honorable mention. Sturdy, different. But I preferred D'Andrea since it felt so classic Fender.

    Thanks for posting and welcome!

  • Hi KevMcD,

    From what I've read, D'Andrea used to manufacture Fender's celluloid picks (standard and teardrop size). Fender switched from D'Andrea to another source and the quality is definitely lower.
    If you want that old Fender feel you should check out D'Andrea if you can get them down under.

    Good Luck!

  • I really like Pickboy small jazz:


    D'Andrea's "Pro Plec" picks are great, too - although, sometimes they seem TOO smooth, and seem to limit the brighter snap you get from other picks:


    Jim - do you mind sharing which V-Pick you use? I've been a fan for a while, and have gravitated between their "Chicken Pickers" and the small pointed picks.
  • Thanks guys for confirming my experience. I'll scour the net and order in a few of your suggestions to trial. I've been using Jazz III' in various guises (max grip, etc) for a while but went back to the old Fender tear drops - but was going thru them at quite a rate.
    I'll post up my results when I've sourced and trailed a few.
  • The chicken picker is my personal fav. v-pick but i still lean on jazz iii's the most. I tried a blue chip pick at one point but lost it and it was too expensive to drop or forget about.

    For those who do not lose stuff the blue chips are cool. v-pick is very similar and a lot more affordable. def. worth exploring them all!
  • The chicken picker is great.
    I'd be interested to know which V Pick you use Jim.
  • I use the "Fusion" V- Pick. It's a great design and it really lasts. And I've learned that I don't lose that many picks if I'm careful! ha ha


  • Thanks Jim,
    Yeah at five bucks a piece...
  • Thanks, Jim. Tempting. I'm really bad a losing three things: umbrellas, pens, and guitar picks. But for five bucks a pop, I might take extra care of it. :)
  • Blue- I bought six picks 4 months ago and now I have four. Not bad.

    I was playing a trio show and announced I had a $5 pick for laughs. Ended up, Luca's pick cost $20 and Roy had a $60 pick! I couldn't stand the pressure of having a $60 pick...
  • I've ended up ordering a few of the suggested picks. This included a couple of v-pick 'chicken picks'. I saw Jim's post about using the fusion one after I had placed the order. All coming from the states- hopefully they won't take too long.

    Expensive picks. - I play banjo in a country band down here in Aus. I use a Bluechip. Thumb pick. Wonderful pick but Forty bucks! That one I look after.
  • I've tried Bluechip picks that friends own. I think they're great but at $35 - $50 each I'm afraid I'd go nuts worrying about losing them and I rarely lose things.
    So Jim, just out of curiosity, what do Luca and roy use?
  • "So Jim, just out of curiosity, what do Luca and roy use? "

    I can't recall...
  • On acoustic, I've found Blue Chip to be fantastic, and pretty much all I use. Until the other day, I hadn't found anything on electric that I really liked. I bought some Eric Johnson Jazz IIIs, which are pretty good, but also bought some Dunlop Primetone Jazz III 1.4s, and so far I like them much better than anything else I've tried (I do have one Wegen that I like too). If you haven't tried the Primetones, they're not terribly expensive and I think they have good, clear tone. They come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, so you'll have to shop around.

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