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John Wick?
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  • Haven't seen the second, but enjoyed the first.

    I actually have a dog named Daisy, and she looks a lot like John Wick's puppy... so, it was easy for me to buy in on his need for vengeance!

    I'll check the sequel out.
  • Hi Doug- Let me know what you think. My girlfriend and I went to see chapter two for Valentines Day - it was great!
  • *People keep asking me if I liked John Wick, and I'm starting to think YEAH, I liked John Wick.*

    Finally saw the first one at home, and then the sequel in theaters a few weeks after. Simple and satisfying for action fans. Who doesn't enjoy a good revenge story?
  • Actually, Matrix movies aside, I like Keanu. I think he's actually a better actor than he gets credit for. And, unlike most hollywood "elite", minds his own business, isn't in the tabloids, keeps his personal views to himself, and just does his work. That's a rarity in Hollywoodworld these days.
  • I saw them both - fun movies! My 17-year-old son and all of his friends reference the original Wick often.
  • His movies can be hit or miss, mostly miss - right? "Constantine" was a good one, sometimes excellent -but he played Jonathan Harker in "Dracula" like a turn of the century surfer. That said, he's got a good vibe - and ruger- yes, they say he's a good guy!
  • Just caught the first one on Netflix and loved it! Non-stop action (almost like a modern version of a Tex Avery cartoon) and highly entertaining! Great acting too! Thanks for the heads-up! Maybe we could have a movie/series discussion thread? ha


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