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latest YouTube music on constant rotation ...
  • Anyway, I thought share what I've been checking out/loving. And of course- I'm curious what you gentlemen are enjoying in your YouTube travels...

    I love this piece…
    Joao Guimaraes - Sounds of Bells

    Does it get any better?
    Martin Taylor and Julian Lage - "Some Day My Prince Will Come"

    Thank you God- for loud guitars…
    Ramones- (It's Alive)The Rainbow Theatre, London, England 1977

    Jim always plays it perfectly…
    Jim Nichols: "Can't Take That Away From Me"

    My pal John Shannon, who is a fine guitarist, introduced this to me- Clint Strong absolutely rips Bop over Country at 2:18
    Merle Haggard & The Strangers - A Friend in California (Live on ACL 1986)
  • Oooh... this should be fun.

    I'm quite eclectic (as Jim is!) so some of mine might seem "out of place" LOL

    Here we go...

    Duke Levine, "Starlight Time"

    Guthrie Trapp (actually- TAR: Trapp, Abbott, and Rhodes)

    Yngwie Malmsteen with orchestra:

    Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys, "Onda"

    Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, and.... Richie Sambora. (YES- Sambora. A much better player than he grets credit for, being a part of the Bon Jovi behemoth.)

    One more... this is a beautiful piece calling "Dreaming of You" by Paul Pigat, but there is no video of Paul himself playing it, so this is someone's (quite good!) cover of it.... it reminds me of Jimmy Bryant's "Deep Water"
  • Great post. Here are my current favorite Youtube clips:

  • Free jazz isn't quite in the spirit of what you posted, but I think you might like it. I sure do!
    Mary Halvorson guitar with Susan Alcorn on pedal steel
  • Paul Motian has so much good stuff but I have really bonded with this track recently. Many of his compositions are great for guitar players too! I have read in many interviews that he had an affinity for the guitar.

    Carle Bley- such a pretty tune:

    Jakob Bro-Evening Song: So many of his compositions are simple and so effective. Lee Konitz takes it to the next level. Like Miles opening notes on "in a silent way", when Lee comes in it gives you chills.

  • Danny Gatton slaying all around him.

    The Hollies - I'm Alive

    Prince - Baby I'm a Star

    George Jones - The Race Is On.

    Chet Atkins - South.

    Barney Kessel, my favourite jazz player.

    Head, Hands and Feet - Warming Up The Band.

    I know it is a music sharing post, but as I am such a huge food enthusiast, here is the wonderful Keith Floyd cooking some Roman gruel.

  • Hello all I posted a link, are there instructions to post video?
  • Hi professsor, I think it's probably not working because the link you posted refers to the entire "favorites list". If you pick only the URL of the single video it should work - like this:

  • By the way, I absolutely love this thread!!

    Here are two I have been watching a lot these days:

    Garoto - Tristeza de um violão (Choro n.2)

    One of my favorite brazilian pieces! Such a beautiful and "modern" arrangement for the times - 1951 - way before bossa nova was created.

    Billy Grammer - Misty

    Billy's playing always puts a smile on my face!

  • https://youtu.be/ciGIsNPfvEI

    Jim and Honey Fingers, an entire set in a relaxed club performance what could be better?
  • https://youtu.be/33UHR0mGHKY

    Duke Levine playing a beautiful tune the Stars looked down.
  • Tried copying just the URL no dice.... perhaps I'll try a different browser and my desktop. Love the thread...
  • https://youtu.be/fWM7GFbk2t4

    Someone posted a Kelly Joe Phelps performance who I really like. Check out Ian Siegel, an inspired performance of Mary don't you weep.
  • The musicians in Makaya McCraven's band are phenomenal. I get to see most of these guys regularly in Chicago. I love this London performance. If you like Miles Davis "Live Evil" you'll probably enjoy this too.

  • I've been inching through this massive thread and I like and love most the clips- for me the standout (for something I've never heard) is Jakob Bro-Evening Song. Lovely!

    We are a totally diverse musical group. That is so great!
  • Thanks for pointing out that Jakob Bro piece Jim. Never would have picked it and it's beautiful.
  • The Jakob Bro piece was one of my favorites as well. I studied with a brilliant teacher here locally. After the lesson we would listen to an album from his massive record collection. Jim's vinyl treasures in guitar player and this thread are as close as I'm going to get to that experience today. Thanks for sharing everyone! Great idea Jim!
  • Marc Ribot's solo at 1:12 knocks me out every time -

  • Very cool. Thanks
  • I'm still working through the Bill Jennings lesson Big Boy. It's absolutely brilliant! Taking me a little more time than I had hoped to get through it!

    Here's a link to a killer video Bill Jennings and Jack McDuff

  • Professor- "Big Boy" is a tough one, but it's an endless source of bop lines over a shuffle. I actually re-learn it now and then myself. Thank you for ordering it. And your clip is great! Very cinematic.
  • Thanks for the lesson and words of encouragement.
  • I've been watching this for a while now. It's fun to watch/hear the interplay and both Duke and Lyle are stellar.

  • Is it just me, or are the video links not working anymore?
  • I've been listening to alot of Johnny A. lately...

    "Walk Away Renee"

  • I just checked the video link that I posted and it seemed to work fine.
  • Weird... on my computer, ALL the video links are just white boxes, un-clickable....

    And only on this forum, they work fine in all other forums...
  • I also see white boxes now when viewing this forum via Google Chrome (my preferred browser). But I just tried using Firefox, and it looks normal. Weird.
  • I'm on Safari, but it's the newest version, as is Flashplayer...

    Thanks for the tip on firefox, I have that as well for when some websites don't "play nice"
  • Funny, the videos are showing fine here (I'm on Chrome as well).

    Anyway, let me know if you can see this one - such a great track with the unbelievable Roy Lanham on guitar:

  • I dig Roy Lanham. Can't see the video. Might I make a suggestion... since I'm not the only one having issues with videos appearing, perhaps post the title of the video so we can go look it up on youtube?
  • No problem! It's "The Rovers - Passport to Summer"
  • I went to the video that I posted and copied the link, which is below. Ignore the three --- before and after. I can't help but think that this is some sort of settings issue either in Chrome (& Safarai? - seems a bit weird) or on your system.

  • Here's Google's support page. Since I don't have the issue, I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but we can hope!

  • It's only on this forum, no problem seeing embedded forums anywhere else I go. And the problem is new, I USED to be able to see embedded videos here, no problem.
  • Cookies? Sometimes deleting cookies from a site, then relogging in can help.
  • If you have an hour to spare- This was an amazing documentary - I really learned a lot about Salsa music and about New York...
    PBS Latin Music USA: The Salsa Revolution
  • Very interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing, Jim! I am not sure how strongly you are influenced by this kind of music,
    but I can hear a "Latin feel" on songs like Menace and Cockbull Story, for example.
  • this is awesome
  • This one just knocks me out!

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