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Replacement Speaker for PRRI
  • Forgive me if this has been run up the flag pole before. I'm looking to replace my stock speaker and was wondering what you all have used? The two on my limited list so far are the Celestion Gold and the Weber 10f150t. The former sounds full and warm while the latter is on the short list because it breaks up a little earlier than the stock.

    Other thoughts?
  • Experimentation is king, sometimes advice of others will lead you astray. But I use a Jensen P10r that came from mojotone that was pre-broken in.

    Not normally into the make-it-sound-old out of the box but I was lucky enough to have five speaker options in front of me and tried them all without looking at the brands... youll be hard pressed to find an amp tech who wants to spend the time doing that!

    That being said I normally play the amp in the 3-6 volume range and have tooth picks for fingers so need to wrastle any bit of bass I can out of my gear.

    So not the speaker for everyone but perhaps a nice starting point. If memory serves it was not cheap either... of course the most expensive speaker sounded best...
  • Thanks cwilliams. I'll float around until the right one strikes me for sure. Wonder what Jim has in his?
  • I like the sound of that speaker. Its down to the vintage or a gold...
  • I have an Eminence Lil' Buddy in mine and love it.
  • Vashondan... Did you ever replace the speaker? I, too, have a PRRI and I am considering a speaker swap. My Jensen C10R is pretty well broken in and I'm not 'unhappy'... Just always curious about others experiences... Cheers!
  • Striker, sorry, just saw your post. Yes, I put in a Celestion Gold and love it. It's just about broken in. I know some say that its not "typical" Princeton sound but I it sounds beautiful with rich clean tones while still getting that chime and breakup when turned up. Haven't felt the need to plug a pedal into it at all. I liked the stock speaker but like this one a whole lot more.
  • Thanks for the update!

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