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Harlem Nocturne
  • I don't know if I posted this but this is an official request for a "Harlem Nocturne" lesson. What do ya think? -Charlie
  • Thanks for the request-but that one has too many notes! I know, it's my fault.

    Seriously, I really appreciate the request.
  • ungadjo, if you would like i can write out a really rough tab version of Danny Gatton's brief solo on the Fay Boys's version. It is at the very end of the tune and is my favorite solo of his... concise! Perfect for transcribing.

    I am teaching it to someone at the moment and just finished up learning it.

    Once I teach it to my friend we are going to work through some of the cool licks from the campilongo version as well as some live Gatton videos I saw.

    Shoot me an email if your interested and I can write it up. cwilliams467@gmail

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