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Harlem Nocturne
  • My Daughter is a drummer and is playing the Jazz Version (Louis Prima/Illinois Jaquet)s in her HS band. It made me want to revisit it on the Tele... I found your version on youtube. Would be a great lesson! What do you think?
  • Hi Un-
    Your daughter has good taste.
    Yes, I've considered "Harlem..." from Loose and "Folsom Blues" from Loose and I appreciate the suggestion. I'm always thrilled anyone is interested and inspired by my work...but lately I've steered to more traditional lessons (Formatting practice, Charlie Christian, Playing the Blues...) because that's what currently interests me and what I believe is the best overall lesson. But I keep a list (and there's a great thread on this page http://jimcampilongo.com/forum2/discussion/790/lesson-suggestions-for-jim-sticky/p1 ) and again, I appreciate the suggestion.
    Have a great day- Jim

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