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50 tunes in 30 days.
  • Howdy folks! I've just been asked to play guitar in a new country band that plays some of the most god awful country you've ever heard. That said, it's always funner to play than to listen to. They play some good stuff as well. I'm wondering if you folks have any expert advice or suggestions that would help me to efficiently learn all the material I need in such a short amount of time. I'm proficient and have played as a professional jazz bass player for years. I'm a decent country guitro player but don't have the same experience as I do with bass where I just bring some charts and read it all. I have to learn 50 tunes most of which I can barely stand to listen to (although some do kind of grow on you). Any tips, article references, insightful experiences that you think might help me to achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated. If you've had to do this before I want to hear your story!
  • Organize a computer playlist with all the material for easy reviewing- chart the tunes out with a specific description of the tune ("Folsom groove - funny lyrics") . Be thorough and don't gloss over stuff. You have plenty of time... I approach each gig like Prince or Merle asked me to play the show, regardless of the artist and venue.

    I don't love everything I am asked to play- but I have never played multiple songs "I can barely stand to listen to". Especially if hours and hours of homework are keeping me boxed in from playing something I enjoy. Just my 2 cents my brother...
  • Thanks for the great advice, Jim! That's a great Idea to write a specific description of the tune on the chart. It's a something I definitely hesitate doing, but I'm a family man and the gigs are great. It's good to hear you have so much respect for every gig. It's always a drag when someone at the gig resents being there. I've never met you but in all the interviews I've seen you seem to be a thoughtful person.

    Thanks Jim. Looking forward to a new Campilongo release!
  • larute- Thank you- Have a great show and thanks for the post.

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