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Jim's New Song "There You Are"?
  • Hiya - I saw Jim last night with Nels Cline...it was a total burn down and I know Nels has a great time since he told me so! I did too!

    To anybody who has never seen Jim live: do it. His band is tremendous. Josh Dion is a monster drummer and singer, and Chris has a way to hold down the beat.

    Anyway, Jim had a great new song called "There You Are" or something like that. It was a slower love song (I think it was a love song, it slow at least!).

    I am wondering where I can get a recording of it.

  • Lol - Thanks for asking. "There You Are" is a brand new tune and it was my favorite tune of the evening. Thanks for coming to the show!
  • Gee, Jim, I don't imagine you'd consider moving to the Seattle area :-) Very jealous of those that get to go see you in person.
  • Ha ha, ...we in the Netherlands (Europe/oversea) we are waiting too , that you moving to Zoetermeer or Amsterdam or The Hague ;o)
  • Guys- At least once a day I think about moving... I love NYC when I'm not hating it! ha ha
  • Love the new song, Jim. Thank you for posting!
  • Lovely and hauting!
    Love the whole "Mompou meets Fripp" feel to it! And of course the band is killing.
    Thanks for sharing, Jim!
  • this was the opener at the show with Nels

    in case anyone missed it

  • Don't know how I missed this! Dig the new song, Jim!

  • Thanks you guys- you are very gracious and kind...
  • It sounds great - I've listened to it a few times!
  • I feel obligated to share some love for the band, too. Chris is absolutely the man — I highly recommend his solo album "Morning World" with Dave King on drums (rumor is that Dave bought Chris the Mustang bass he's playing in both of these videos!). And speaking of drummers, Josh is an absolute monster. @d_m_, can I place a request for a video close-up of just his facial expressions while playing?!?!

    Jim, you're one lucky dude to be in such company...
  • geetarLAXjunkie - I love your post.
  • Agreed! I really dig "the skinny part of Idaho!"

    Great band Jim!

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