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My New Instrumental Guitar Record
  • I figured I might find a few friendly ears here interested in some guitar music inspired by Jim's playing and lessons. I've taken a lesson here and there with Jim and studied his records over the years so there is no denying his influence on these tunes, please consider the blatant rip offs a homage of sorts. The record was recorded live with some great musicians here in Somerville, MA. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Nice work David - pretty chord changes and all the open string stuff is great. Every tune is substantial but Cool Ranch, Crying are my current favorites. And thank you for your gracious acknowledgement on any influence I may have had.
    Congratulations!- Jim

  • Very nice David. I really enjoyed listening. I agree with Jim re my favs.
  • Thanks for taking a listen Jim and Vashondan, I really appreciate it.
  • Great stuff, David.

    I would also like to share this simple rendition of piece of Sibelius’ Finlandia. Without Jim’s influence I never would have approached it this way, with harmonics and bends. I’m sure it could be developed further by more skilled players than me, but here it is, in all it’s "ragged glory”.

    Jim, I think you would enjoy listening to some of Sibelius’ stuff, like the 4th symphony, for example. He likes to build things and break them apart. If you know what I mean.


    PS. Sibelius woulda played a Tele.
  • Vanne- Good call ... I've been a fan of Sibelius since my early 20's when I heard the 2nd symphony performed in SF.
  • Wow, great stuff guys!! Hinck, I'll be add this one to my collection!
  • Oh! I'm sorry - I thought it was a link to the symphony... Nice work dude!
  • Vanne, great stuff. Ruger, thank you.
  • hinck - This is really enjoyable, lovely playing.

    Vane & Jim - Here was my introduction to Finlandia, by the inestimable John Fahey:
  • Hauntingly beautiful, IgnatzMouse. Thanks for sharing.
  • Vane, you're welcome. Fahey has been one of my favorite musician's for a long time.
  • Indian pacific railroad blues used to be a song i taught ppl who wanted to play fingerstyle/hybrid picking if they were not excited about freight train or other standard chet atkins fare. Love fahey!

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