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Bb Blues & Basic Jazz Chords
  • Still working on Playing the Changes. Great course, love the bending the changes part. Anyway, I'm looking ahead to my next choice(s) and am looking at the Arpeggio and the Bb Blues courses. In the Bb Blues description it is recommended that you be familiar with basic jazz chords. What specifically does this refer to? Thanks.
  • ".... In the Bb Blues description it is recommended that you be familiar with basic jazz chords..."

    Hi Vash -

    I don't see that in the description (see below). If one can play barre chords then the chords in the Bb Jazz Blues lesson are very doable.

    B flat Blues Concepts SAMPLE CLIP http://youtu.be/Rxjh1axYIFU

    Finally, break out of the box! Expand your musical horizons and take your blues playing to the next level. In this multi-tiered lesson, the intermediate/Advanced level guitarist will learn how to successfully and effortlessly "nail the changes" by utilizing a unique triad approach. Includes a solo that will guide the guitarist through a sophisticated and user friendly blues lead line over the B flat chord progression. This is a very popular lesson that helps blues guitarists "break out of the box" and a lesson that should provide a lifetime of improvisational ideas. See testimonials http://jimcampilongo.com/lessons/testimonials.php
  • Hey Jim,

    That's great. Thanks for the response JIm. FYI.... This is just below the piece that you posted...

    "Difficultly: 4-7 (Recommended that the student be familiar with basic jazz chords and the blues scale. A great follow up lesson for the student who has taken Playing the Blues Nailing the Changes. Proceed on to Blues in F, How's it Going?, Not Much, Bill Jennings' Solo on Bill Doggett's "Big Boy", Bryants Bounce, I Got Rhythm Changes."
  • For me basic jazz chords are the "skip the A string" grips (aka Freddie Green chords, or some people I think call the them Mickey Baker grips, based on a book where he taught them) that are easy to extend and to move around, like explained here, for example: http://www.elisanet.fi/petri.krzywacki/Music/Sointuotteet_en.pdf
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  • Thanks for that Jim. Those aren't going to scare me away. Looking forward to it. Just want to finish up Playing the Changes before I distract myself!

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