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What's Your Fav Jim Album?
  • When I first got turned on to Jim's work I bought a sampling of songs via mp3 downloads. Now, I'm making my way through the CD's Started with Orange, just got and listened to Dream Dictionary and American Hips is on it's way. Loving the journey. Looking for my next choices so interested in your favorites. Thanks.
  • There's no wrong answer on this one. I like them all! I don't think DuNord gets enough credit. I don't know if it's my "favorite", but it's definitely underrated.
  • I was afraid that it might be the case that it's hard to pick a favorite. Funny you mention DuNord, I was listening to samples from that this morning and really liked what I heard.

    It's funny, for quite some time now I haven't used my home stereo. Listening through IPods,the car stereo or on the computer. For some reason Jim's stuff made me dust off the stereo and turn up those big speakers to fill the house with the sound.
  • I started by listening to Orange on Spotify but the first album I bought was Dream Dictionary. I really love the tone of his guitar and the compositions on that album. I really enjoy the more experimental stuff and how he manages to get it to work with the band.
  • I agree crcorey1, my fav so far but I've still got a lot more to listen to.
  • be sure to check out Jim Campilongo and Honeyfingers "Last Night, This Morning"

    a little biased towards "Dream Dictionary" myself I should add, if I were forced to pick a favorite.
  • Will do Campinout. That and DuNord will be next. I love going to the mailbox when I know something fun is coming!
  • one more not sure how i could have possibly not mentioned... Jim's band The Little Willies album "For The Good Times" which is among his very very best as well!
  • While TODAY I would probably say "Table For One", "Orange" was my first, and therefore holds a special place.

    And yes- The Little Willies first album, because I THINK that is where I first heard Jim, and thought "WHO is this guitar player???"
  • Table for One is on the list. I'm not familiar with the Little Willies album. I'll check that out today. By next week I should have the 5 spots in my cd player full of Jim. Being able to turn up the volume on my stereo speakers really really blew me away. Having a lot of fun. Thanks for the recs.
  • just to be clear "For the Good Times" is the second Little Willies record.
  • Honestly, I love them all, but Orange just does it for me. Between Blues for Roy and Chelsea Bridge...music to live by.
  • It's so hard to pick only one as a favorite. Heaven is Creepy was the first I got and will always have a special place in my heart, but if I had to choose one I would probably go with Dream Dictionary because of the chemistry between Jim, Josh and Chris.

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