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late year silverface Princeton Reverb (push pull volume boost)
  • does anyone here have any experience with the later-1970s silverface Princeton Reverb amps? they have the "push-pull volume boost" but no master volume. I am mainly questioning how it compares to early silverface PRs- (not blackface PRs or SF PRs that have been blackfaced...).

    and just overall, is it a good amp on its own, separate from comparison to other PRs...

    would a major speaker upgrade be a game changer for one of these, if the push-pull circutry is not highly sought after? can the circut be converted to pre push-pull?

    thanks for any info!
  • The general view is that "Don't pull it, and it makes no difference". So basically they do sound sound like PR. :) I am no expert, and have no direct experience!

    I would like an amp that has a solid wood fingerjointed cab. The post ~1971 cabs are not.
  • I had a 1976 or 77 Princeton Reverb for awhile and it was a nice amp. Other than power tubes, it was all original. Around the same time, I picked up a 1973 that was missing a speaker and had been messed with somewhat. I eventually put a Ragin Cajun in the 73 along with a larger output transformer and found that I much preferred the sound. Some of our songs are in drop-D and even drop-C tuning and I found my modded 73 to work better with more headroom and tighter bass. I sold the 76-77 since I had no need of two pretty similar amps. The 76-77 was in much better cosmetic shape and all original so I sold that one.

    Setting aside my modded 73, I have found that the later SF amps can sound sort of tight and sterile compared even to stock Princetons from the earlier 70s that I have used. If the price were right, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a late-70s Princeton but would almost certainly swap the speaker out over the stock Jensen as a first and non-destructive modification.

    I have a 74 Super Reverb that I've had since about 1989. It was a garage sale find when I was high school. Until the internet came along, I didn't realize that the master volume was push-pull at all! In the ensuing years, I have had the Super 'blackfaced' but never had the push-pull removed. I believe that there's no reason to remove or replace that pot.

    Hope this helps!
  • I think any SF's are far better than reissues. So if the price is right, go get it.
  • thanks all for the replys, I was going to look into a late model PR with a Jensen reissue speaker, but turned out I did not connect with it. but its still on my radar, and there are others out there, so thanks again for the info on that.

    I did however, a couple days ago, in a friend's shop, get to hear someone play a tele out of a late model Deluxe Reverb silverface with the push-pull vol boost- and that amp sounded amazing I must say, between that and the replys here, I am happy to know the later model SF amps can get the job done quite well, or at least you can work with one if not happy with the stock sound- as there are many, many of these pieces out there, and usually a little less money than earlier SF amps.

    some (bigger) late model SF amps have a "master volume" which is different than the "push-pull vol boost" *i think.* my guess here again, is that those amps work quite well also, despite some seemingly mixed reviews you may read online. everyone has their opinion and their own experiences which are great to share, but sometimes you need to experience it for yourself. late model SFs could be sleepers still- they are handwired and loaded with vintage tubes. If u can find one that hasnt seen much usage, could be a score!

    Also Weelie thanks for the reminder on the solid wood/finger jointed cab. I concurr here, a lot of people would agree with you that feature adds value, maybe more than the circuitry. not a bad thing if it keeps the cost of the later ones lower as well. something for everyone! Fender definetly makes the best amps unless you want to start spending 2-3K, and even then, they are still tough to beat.

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