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Campilongo After Dark video
  • Rockwood Music Hall is turning monday nights into "Campilongo After Dark" and I guess the other bands that play before Jim will mostly be guitar oriented and/or friends of Jim's band. RW posted this video:

  • Very cool !!!!
  • extraordinario!!!!
  • Thanks for posting Campinout! -Jim
  • Fantastic video! Can't wait for the next ones.
    Also great listening on WNYU this past Tuesday.
    I'll be at the December 5th show and I'll see John McLaughlin that week as well. Early Christmas for me.
    Congrats on the Campilongo After Dark shows Jim.

    PS. Couldn't help but notice the Clayton picks. How do you like them?
  • Jim, you're welcome of course! thank YOU for keeping it going at RW Stage 2, that is the coolest room to see a show anywhere. That is where I first saw you play! and it is a gift that you play there every monday. I will pop in "after dark" later in Nov. or Dec. for sure.
  • TomBLP - I like the Clayton picks but the I switched to something else. That's why I have so many! ha ha
  • Great video, thanks! Looking forward to the follow-ups!
  • nice to see Jamie McLean is playing right before Jim on Monday, 11-21-16. Always a good time!
  • Awesome video! I couldn't help but notice the Marcel Dadi transcription of "Drive In". I bought 2 or 3 of his albums with the transcription books way back in the 80's. That was the only source for learning that style of playing back then. I think the composer "Rich" was another alias for Jerry Reed (Hubbard).
  • Just want to say have a great show tonight to Jim and to the band, and of course to Nels Cline as well. I hoped to be there in the audience, but my scedule recently has proved too hectic to make it into the big apple on Monday nights. Maybe more into 2017. If anyone is in town for the show, have a great time! A night you will not forget.
  • for anyone interested ...

    2nd of a series directed by the talented Steven Flip Lippman!**
    Behind the Scenes of "Campilongo After Dark #2"

  • 3rd of a series directed by the talented Steven Flip Lippman!**
    Behind the Scenes of "Campilongo After Dark #3"
  • The final installment of a four part series directed by the talented Steven Flip Lippman...
    Behind the Scenes of Campilongo After Dark #4
  • These have all been great, I especially like Ep.4, talking about the city, and how an artist's "container" influences the art they create. Great stuff!

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