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Christmas lesson request
  • "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" on Chis Isaak's Christmas album. Even though it's played on a strat, it seems right up Jim's alley...
  • Thanks Erik - Is that Jimmy Wilsey on guitar?
  • I can't find the album credits on Allmusic.com (well, I can, but they don't list the players). Wilsey for awhile was hanging out with us over on the Gretsch Pages forum, and I know he hasn't worked with Chris in awhile, but that Christmas Album was 2007, so not sure....

    As for Wilsey, he has a great guitar record of his own - El Dorado. I was shocked to hear him report, when everyone asked him what gear he used, assuming it was vintage amps and tape echoes, that everything was recorded DIRECT- all software!! Great tones tho.
  • I've always liked Jimmy's playing and the snippets I've heard from El Dorado are very cinematic. I like that Jimmy's melodic playing can be deliberate and distilled. I found this...

    Or it's Hershel Yatovitz, another great player! Side note- Among other guitarists, Hershel and I auditioned for the Chis Isaak guitar spot around 18 years ago and it finalized between me and him, but I bowed out of the finals, mostly because I wanted to play my music with my new band at the time, the 10 Gallon Cats... *Obviously* Hershel was the right guy, and my bet is he was going to get the chair anyway - my playing can be too weird for a setting like Isaak. I received a little San Francisco press at the time for "turning it down" but that was misleading - and somewhat disrespectful to Hershel because he's awesome and the band picked the perfect guy for the job. Here's an interview...
  • Wow! What great insight!!! Thanks for that!!! I had never seen that Wilsey interview before...

    And I've never heard of Yatovitz, so thanks for the introduction to him! Looks like he never finished/released the instrumental album he was planning? Narrabeen? If he did, I can't find it anywhere....

    Never knew you were up for the spot in Isaak's band... altho I must say, if that would have meant no "Orange", no "Table For One", I'm glad things worked out the way they did! :)
  • Thanks Ruger ! You are a gracious man!
  • Thanks for the response Jim, sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Thanks for sharing that story with us.

    I found these credits for the album, looks like it was Hershel.


    I love that James Wilsey album El Dorado. Very evocative, great tones.

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