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Hybrid Picking
  • Hi Jim et al...

    I'm just starting to learn hybrid picking. I was just watching that section of your course on Truefire and noticed that you, like so many other pros that I've watched, have their right hand in almost a claw like position (flat top of hand) when picking in general and hybrid picking. Was this a learned style? l try to get my hand in that position and no way! Maybe with practice (lots of it). It does however look like it's very efficient.

    So, what's the deal?


  • Hi Dan- My hybrid picking technique was a natural thing developed by playing right hand exercises (the first few pages) in the classical book "120 Studies for Right Hand Development" https://www.amazon.com/Studies-Right-Development-Classical-Guitar/dp/0898981905.
    Thank you!
  • Thanks Jim. I'll order one and add to my practice routine. Dan

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