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G10 Vintage VS G10 Greenback or Ramrod ?
  • Hi, guys
    I have a G10 GB in my BFPR. It sounds cool, but it doesn't hold the bass well with my ES335. I also have a Ramrod which I'm now using. I like Its tight low end. The tone is not as sweet as the GB, but it's good too.

    Now, I'm curious to know what about the G10 Vintage. Would anyone tell me the difference between the each? Especially when they are in a PR.
  • I have a g10 vintage. Imo it sounds really british.
  • I can only speak for the G10 Vintage. It has a really nice chimey sound that works well with the Princeton, and it's also fuller in the mids than your typical Jensen type speaker found in a Blackface amp. It's been a while, so I'm sorry to say that I can't comment on the bass. But I don't really disliking it. Another option, albeit more expensive, is the G10 Gold. Beautiful sounding speaker that I wish I still had. Nice and chimey, tight bass, and smooth compression. It almost sounds as big as a 12" speaker.
  • Hey guys, well I just grabbed a 12" speaker, Eminence Tonker cheap and installed it in a my '65 PR. Boom. Perfect! All the complains I had just solved.

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