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68 Custom Princeton out of box snap crackle pop and no rice krispies :(
  • I literally played this amp for 2 hours the other day after it came out of the box. Today, plugged it in and its making this awful noise. Any ideas? Bad tube? Return it? Am I missing something obvious? Tried different sockets, cable, guitars. It increases with a volume increase which I've tentatively gathered is a pre amp tube issue. I have no clue. Thanks for whatever help anyone can offer. I look forward to hearing from you,

    Here's a link to the snap crackler;


  • have you checked with any of the tubes are loose?
  • Thanks for the comment! The main tubes seem ok and the preamp tubes are in a little cage. 2 Days old I don't want to start dismantling this thing! I feel like it needs to be at least 2 weeks old before I get into that!
  • sounds like a problem to me, return it asap is my advice!
  • sounds like faulty preamp tubes. V1 could be it. If you have a spare, just replace it and see.

    Anyway, the best thing you could do is return it and buy a "REAL" silverface Princeton. You will never regret it. ;)
  • haa i was also going to say "just return it and buy a real one" but did not want to sound rude. still, is probably great advice.
  • I brought it back. I plugged it in and it was perfect. Could it be the socket? I brought it home plugged it into other sockets.... fine and sounds beautiful.
  • I too do not want to sound rude but troubleshooting amps online is likely to yield no major fixes and many folks best and most sincere advice may lead you astray. Best thing to do is make friends with someone who can troubleshoot and assist you.

    I learned more about tube amps in one afternoon when a good tech took me under his wing and we put 5 different speakers and a variety of vintage/new tubes in my princeton so I could hear the difference. TDPRI, the gear page or any other place will never deliver anything like that.

    A relationship with someone who will fix with honesty will have infinite payoff. Goodluck! I hope I did not come off as cold!

  • Nope CWilliams, not at all! Not cold or rude. I agree, I posted this in desperation late at night. Thanks for the input!
  • Guitar/Amp techs today are as important as a great attorney, doctor, or auto mechanic! Can’t function without them! (Lol)

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