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San Antonio Rose
  • Thought this too cool and had to share:
  • BlueCajun - Thanks for posting! I've never seen that. Wow, Glen is young. Your post reminded me of this ...

  • Wow! What a cool instrumental version. And that guy is a hoot. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

    About Glen Campbell, yeah, if that was filmed in the late 50s, he would have been in his early 20s. It almost seems unfair to have a voice like that and be such a monster guitarist. Mere mortals like me can only dream of being half as talented at either. :)
  • What a great lesson San Antonio Rose, very fun and beautiful. Here's my attempt to Jim's interpretation:

  • Very nice rendition. Jim’s lessons are awesome!
  • Santiago - Loved watching this. It’s great to hear you- and such a great thing to learn the triads. Good work on the solo! It’s a HUGE lesson… I hope you had fun. And the setting was perfect.
    Thank you for ordering the lesson -Jim
  • Thank you Mark and Jim! Yes, for sure this lesson is awesome. The rythm part is also ver fun to practice.

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